Green Blade Bakery Logo
"Love has come again, like wheat arising green . . ."

Anna and Bread

Green Blade is a family-run artisan bakery in downtown Klamath Falls, Oregon. We specialize in naturally leavened breads, including baguettes, whole- and multi-grains, ciabattas, focaccias, ryes, and many others. We also have a full line of laminated pastries, Danish, buttermilk muffins, cream scones, quick breads, cinnamon streusel rolls, oat bran sticky buns, and much more.

Our goals are pretty simple, even if they aren't all that conventional. We joke that we make "Mental Health Food," but we also work very hard making sure it's good for the rest of you, too. We make everything from scratch, by hand, using locally grown products as much as possible. No preservatives, no bad chemicals, no junk. We don't think food has to be fancy or complicated to be good. It just has to be good. Unfortunately, a lot of the food out there is not all that good, and not all that good for you.

We also think food should be something that brings people together, whether it's families or friends, or even people who think they don't like each other that much. So another goal is to have the bakery be a place for people to gather, not just to eat, but to talk and learn and have a good time. We have a space in the back that we will turn into a community event center, so we can have speakers, classes, meetings, and hopefully even some music and art.

Before the bakery, our family ran a 2500-acre cattle ranch for ten years. Running the ranch taught us that food doesn't come out of nowhere, and food doesn't exist in a bubble. In people's real lives, food is connected to all sorts of other things, like family, culture, history, faith, etc. We would like Green Blade to be a place where those connections are right out there in the open. The name itself comes from an old Easter hymn about how faith and redemption are like a blade of wheat grass coming up from the soil in the spring.

It warms our hearts when people tell us how our breads or treats remind them of some happy time in their past. They're reminded of loved ones they haven't seen for a long time, or their childhood homes and family gatherings. We like to think that someday the little kids we see in the bakery will remember Green Blade, and tell their own kids about how it looked and smelled and tasted.

Come see us when you're in the neighborhood.